What is some notes of Air Force Technical Training?

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Air Force Technical Training The mission of technical training is to train and graduate highly qualified disciplined airmen to carry out the mission of the U.S. Air Force. The training schedule is very intensive, and requires additional study during “off-duty” time. Family members must understand that the active duty member’s success during technical training and in the Air Force depends on their performance in tech school. Students may not be able to spend as much time on family matters as they, or their families, wish. Please remember that the restrictions and limitations on the student’s time will ease as they progress through their training, and support your student in any way you can. Students are encouraged to phone their families as often as possible, but their time may be limited because of academic requirements. Families may call their student – students are permitted to have cell phones (but cannot have them in class). During the first two to four weeks in tech school, the student’s “off-duty” time is rigidly controlled. If you want to visit your student while he or she is in tech school, it is best to wait until later in the training. If students have difficulties with any portion of their training, their activities during their off-duty time can be restricted, even in later stages of their training. It may be difficult to get into on-base lodging during a visit, and off-base hotels and motels can be expensive; transportation might also pose problems. If you visit your student, plan ahead to be sure that you have financial, lodging, and transportation matters covered. The family can move to live with the student, but the Air Force will not pay for the move unless the spouse and children are on the student’s orders, AND the technical training course is longer than 20 weeks. Even when the family is authorized to live with the student, the student is required to live in the dorms on-base for at least the first month of training. When the student is allowed to live off-base with the family, he or she will still have to devote most of the time to studying. If the training course is shorter than 20 weeks, and the family wants to pay out of their own pocket to live with the student, the training squadron commander must authorize the student to move out of the dorms once the initial month of training has been completed. The AF will pay married students Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) while they are in tech school. If the course is under 20 weeks long, the amount of BAH paid will be based on the zip code of where the family is living. If the course is over 20 weeks long, the BAH will be based on zip code of the base where the student is located, no matter where the family is living. When the student graduates from tech school, the AF will pay to ship the family’s household goods, but there are many variables to consider. Be sure to check with the Traffic Management Office (TMO) to find out exactly how this will be handled. Basically, the AF will ship household goods from where the family is living (the “home-of-record”, where the student lived when he or she enlisted), and also ship the student’s things from tech school to the next base. If the family was on the student’s orders and authorized to live with the student at tech school, then the AF will pay to ship the household goods from the tech school location to the next base. If the family elected to move to the tech school location at their own expense (or moved back home with other family members), the AF will pay to move the household goods, BUT the cost must not exceed how much it would have cost to ship from the home-of-record. If the actual cost exceeds the cost to ship from home-of-record, then the student must reimburse the AF the difference.