What is Transition Assistance Program in Military?

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Transition Assistance Program (TAP) TAP is a congressionally mandated program designed to assist personnel/families who are separating or retiring from the military, as well as DoD civilians adversely impacted by downsizing or reduction in force (RIF). The emphasis of this program is on job search and transitional preparation, rather than job placement. This program is administered through mandatory pre-separation counseling, employment related workshops and seminars, and one-on-one appointments for individual assistance. Congress requires that all personnel be afforded “Pre-separation Counseling” 180 days prior to separation or retirement, but no later than 90 days prior, except in the case of short notice separation. However, personnel can receive this counseling up to 1-year prior to their date of separation or retirement. During this counseling, personnel are advised of any/all available benefits and entitlements, plus programs available to assist them in the retirement/separation process and to educate them on employment processes. To properly prepare departing personnel, the TAP personnel provide a recurring Transition Assistance Seminar, which is primarily employment based. Personnel are educated on employment related processes to include knowledge and insight on transferable skills; understanding want ads; networking for employment; electronic job search; resume and cover letter preparation; understanding interviews and interviewing; career planning; selfassessment; financial planning; dressing for success; doing company research; and negotiating serious job offers. In addition, the Department of Labor briefs on their employment programs, and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) covers VA programs, to include both disability compensation and vocational rehabilitation. Anyone who will be looking for employment upon leaving the military should attend this seminar; this offer also includes spouses.