What is Relocation Assistance Program in Military?

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Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) The Relocation Assistance Program provides relocation services to all DoD personnel for the purpose of easing the stress of moving from one location to another, stateside or overseas. The program provides Smooth Move briefings for both stateside and overseas moves, which are informational workshops to help prepare individuals and families for moving. Attendees learn time, energy, money saving and cultural adaptation tips that will greatly reduce the stress associated with military relocation. The Relocation Assistance Program may also have a variety of classes to help you adjust to the area and local culture. Clients have access to an automated database called SITES, which contains current information on Worldwide Military Installations (information on schools, taxes, laws, employment outlook, housing, and much more!); plus, access to books, videos, and computer software that will help them plan their trip. The Relocation Program also provides vouchers for Child Care for PCS, a program funded by the AFAS, which pays for 20 hours of childcare per child on both ends of a PCS move (dependent upon childcare availability). Also available is Family Services (also called the Loan Locker/Closet), which has essential household items to loan when household goods are packed and being shipped. Items available to be borrowed vary from base to base, so check to see what is available at your base. Volunteers often run family Services. The Airmen’s Attic may also fall under the Relocation Assistance Program, and has household goods, clothing, and other items available free of charge for E1 through E5s (grade levels may vary from base to base). Donations of items in good condition are accepted and are provided free of charge to those that need them.