list of Military Acronyms

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AB: Air Base (overseas) BOQ: Bachelor Officer Quarters

ACC: Air Combat Command BPED: Basic Pay Entry Date

ACSC: Air Command and Staff College BX/PX: Base Exchange (AF); Post

AD: Active Duty (the military member) Exchange (Army)

ADSC: Active Duty Service Commitment CC: Commander

CCAF: Community College of the Air


AEF: Aerospace Expeditionary Force

AETC: Air Education Training Command

CCF: First Sergeant AFAS: Air Force Aid Society

CCMSGT: Command Chief Master

Sergeant, formerly known as the Senior

Enlisted Advisor (SEA)

AFAF: Air Force Assistance Fund (charity

fund raising for AFAS)

AFB: Air Force Base CDC: Career Development Course

AFI: Air Force Instruction (regulations) CDC: Child Development Center

AFIT: Air Force Institute of Technology CE: Civil Engineer

AFLC: Air Force Logistics Command CFC: Combined Federal Campaign (charity

AFOQT fund raising for multiple charities) : Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

AFMC: Air Force Materiel Command CINC: Commander-in-Chief

AFSC: Air Force Specialty Code COB: Close of Business

ALS: Airman’s Leadership School COLA: Cost of Living Allowance

AMC: Air Mobility Command CONUS: Continental United States (the

AMN contiguous 48 states) : Airman

ANG CPO: Civilian Personnel Office : Air National Guard

APO CSS: Commander’s Support Staff : Air Post Office

ARC DECA: Defense Commissary Agency : American Red Cross

DEERS: Defense Enrollment Eligibility

Reporting System

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

AT: Annual Tour

DEROS: Date Estimated Return from

AWC Overseas : Air Warfare Center

AWOL: Absent Without Leave DFAS: Defense Finance and Accounting

BAH Service : Basic Allowance for Housing

BAS DITY: Do-It-Yourself Move : Basic Allowance for Subsistence

BAQ DLA: Dislocation Allowance : Basic Allowance for Quarters

BDUs DOB: Date of Birth : Battle Dress Uniform; also called

cammies (camouflage) DOD: Department of Defense

DOR: Date of Rank MPF: Military Personnel Flight

DOS: Date of Separation MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat

DPP: Deferred Payment Plan MSS: Mission Support Squadron

MTF: Military Treatment Facility, or base clinic/hospital

DS: Dependent Spouse

DSN: Defense Switched Network

(worldwide telephone system) MWR: Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

EAF: Expeditionary Aerospace Force NAF: Non-Appropriated Funds

EFMP: Exceptional Family Member NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Program NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer

EPR: Enlisted Performance Report NCOIC: Non-Commissioned Officer in

EQUAL: Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Charge

Listing NLT: Not Later Than

ETS: Expiration of Term of Service OCONUS: Outside the Continental United

States (overseas tour, includes Alaska &Hawaii)

EWC: Enlisted Wives Club (title beingphased out in favor of ESC)

ESC: Enlisted Spouses Club OHA: Overseas Housing Allowance

FLT: Flight OIC: Officer in Charge

FM: Family Member OJT: On the Job Training

FSC: Family Support Center OPR: Office of Primary Responsibility

FS: Family Services OPR: Officer Performance Report

GOV: Government Owned Vehicle ORE: Operational Readiness Exercise

GS: General Schedule (Civil Service ORI: Operational Readiness Inspection

worker) OSI: Office of Special Investigations

GSU: Geographically Separated Unit OTS: Officer Training School

HHG: Household Goods OWC: Officers’ Wives Club (title being

HOLA: Housing Overseas Living phased out in favor of OSC)

Allowance OSC: Officers’ Spouses Club

HQ: Headquarters (generally wing

commander’s office) PACAF: Pacific Air Forces

PCA: Permanent Change of Assignment IAW: In Accordance With

PCS: Permanent Change of Station IG: Inspector General

PCM: Primary Care Manager JAG: Judge Advocate General (legal office)

PFE: Promotion Fitness Exam JFTR: Joint Federal Travel Regulation

PFMP: Personal Financial Management

Program KISS: Keep it Simple, Sergeant

LES: Leave and Earning Statement



PME: Professional Military Education

POA: Power of Attorney

POC: Point of Contact

POV: Privately Owned Vehicle

PRP: Personal Reliability Program

RAP: Relocation Assistance Program; also

known as Relo

RIF: Reduction in Force

ROTC: Reserve Officer Training Corps

RSVP: Respond if you Please (expect yes or


SATO: Scheduled Airlines Ticket Office

SBP: Survivor Benefit Plan

SEA: Senior Enlisted Advisor, now known

as the Command Chief Master Sergeant,


SGLI: Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance

SKT: Skills and Knowledge Test

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SORTIE: A flight or single flying mission

SOS: Squadron Officer’s School

STEP: Stripes for Exceptional Performers

SSN, SSAN: Social Security Number

SF: Security Forces

TA: Tuition Assistance (program for active

duty members)

TAFMSD: Total Active Federal Military

Service Date, the date the member came on

active duty.

TAP: Transition Assistance Program

TDY: Temporary Duty

TDP: TriCare Dental Plan

TLA: Temporary Living Allowance

TLE: Temporary Lodging Expenses

TLF: Temporary Living Facility

TMO: Traffic Management Office

TO: Technical Order

TSP: Thrift Savings Plan

UCI: Unit Compliance Inspection

UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice

UTA: Unit Training Assembly

USAF: United States Air Force

USAFE: United States Air Force – Europe

VA: Veteran’s Administration

VAQ: Visiting Airman’s Quarters

VHA: Variable Housing Allowance

VOQ: Visiting Officers Quarters

WAPS: Weighted Airman Promotion


WG: Wage Grade (Civil Service worker)

WIC: Women, Infants, and Children’s


ZULU/GMT: Greenwich Mean Time